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Home Theatre

Home theatre is a great way to entertain, not forgetting it is an extremely cost effective way to add value and further enjoy, your greatest asset, the family home. You can be confident that your system will be designed to our high standards and will include the latest features.

No matter the budget, InVista pride ourselves on custom Home Theatre solutions for any application. From a standard 5.1 with a screen and projector to an incredible drop down projector lift , recessed projector screen and an ATMOS surround sound system. Over the years, Invista have completed hundreds of custom home theatre solutions.

Your Audio Visual System Designer will take your ideas and requirements to produce a system to meet and exceed your expectations. Taking pride in their creativity, innovation and imagination in all designs.

 Our high technical standards ensure state of the art audio visual equipment excellence to attain a customised solution for each of our designs. InVista only use high end equipment, Screen Technics, Epson, Sony, Epson, Klipsch, Jamo, Bowers & Wilkins, Harmon Kardon to name a few, to bring a rich, unmatched Cinema and Sound Experience.

 With the push of a button, we can have all components through a single interface or Smart Mobile Phone, integrating all luxuries.

 Once we have finished, all you need to bring is the popcorn and relax.

 Contact us to design your new home theatre, or to upgrade your current system.

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